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The Spirit of Connection

When I first grew from horse trainer to travelling clinician my original business slogan was Discover Your Horsepower. But I found over the years that too many people assumed Horsepower had to do with sports cars and auto-racing.

What exactly is my work with horses and people about? What business slogan applies to everything from horse training to EAPD? What covers horse training but also the people learning, healing and personal development?

I show people how to connect with horses. And to connect with the horses people find they are first and foremost learning how to connect within themselves. We connect with our own inner anima in order to connect with the horses. We connect body, mind and spirit. And so the slogan has emerged:


And so it was with much spirit and a desire to connect that I arrived in Holland on November 13 to give a lecture at the University of Utrecht.

Also from Europe, I’m happy to report that my French publisher tells me that Horses Don’t Lie has become a big success in France. So now they have also purchased the rights to Dancing With Your Dark Horse. Plans include 2 weeks of promotional touring of France in the spring of 2015. I know, poor me.

Congrat’s Lisa Wieben – 1st Platinum Certified Trainer!

Back in Canada, congratulations to Lisa Wieben of Mountain View Training Stables in Bowden, Alberta, for becoming the first trainer to achieve Platinum Certification!

Kathryn – Taking The Reins in the USA

I am so very happy to report that Kathryn and I have formed a wonderful new alignment with Snowslip Farm in Lake Placid, New York. Our relationship with Snowslip began with Kathryn first being hired as a coach to help sort out some “issues” with a few of their more challenging horses.

As the owners of Snowslip Farm, John and Lesley Trevor, witnessed the incredible results Kathryn was achieving with their horses they made the connection and realized how much personal development for people is involved with our work.

Soon the conversation shifted to equine assisted personal development and Kathryn shared with the team at Snowslip a little taste of her own magic with horses for human potential that she calls Equiana. Wow! Talk about the spirit of connection! Thanks Kathryn! Suddenly I’m headed to New York to deliver an EAPD themed presentation to the Lake Placid community called The Dark Horse Challenge!

The Dark Horse Challenge demo has changed lives. The people of Lake Placid appreciated the presentation so much that Kathryn and I both felt like we had finally found our true place among kindred spirits. And so while Riversong will always be our personal retreat in the Canadian wilderness, Lake Placid has now become our 2nd home and centre for American business operations.



Our first order of business in the U.S. is to produce an EAPD themed television show. We are now planning to produce a pilot episode for the show this January at Creek Hollow Ranch in Ramona, California. Beginning in spring 2014, we plan to produce most of the weekly episodes from Snowslip Farm in Lake Placid. More news on this exciting new development to come soon!

2014 Event Schedule

With Kathryn now settling into our home in Lake Placid my travel plans for 2014 will no longer have me flying off in so many different directions for clinics. In the new-year I will focus much of my work in the northeast United States, centered out of Snowslip Farm at Lake Placid. I will also travel to events closer to home in Alberta, and enjoy my winter events from Creek Hollow Ranch in San Diego, California.

Come stay One to One at Riversong

People are asking about coming to Riversong to visit the ranch and take private lessons. So, also new in 2014, I will soon be offering limited openings for private stays with me in my home.

For what I’m calling the One to One at Riversong program we have a lovely guest room available for just 1 or 2 guests. With only 1 guest room, you would be my exclusive guest, or guests if a couple, during your stay.

Each home visit at Riversong includes deliciously fresh, home-cooked organic meals prepared by my darling daughter, Raven, plus 3-4 hours of private time for lessons or consultation with me per day. Riversong also includes all the horses, dogs, cats, wildlife, river and forest you want to play with, along with random outbursts of campfires and homegrown music.

If you’re interested in coming to Riversong in 2014 for a few days, or a few weeks, please contact me personally to discuss a customized plan just for you. But don’t wait too long to make contact because there are limited openings available.

Clinic Partner With You

If you would like to host an event at your own facility, or if you are interested in working with me to coordinate a demo, clinic or EAPD workshop in your area, please contact me so we can discuss options.

Video Library

Well, after much research and hard work, it looks like our webmaster extraordinaire, George Plumley, has finally worked out the techno-glitches with the video library on the website. So, thanks to so many of you for keeping the faith! You should now have no problem watching the video tutorials on-line.

Horses for Sale

This winter, during February and March, I will be staying home to write my next book and work with some of the Riversong horses we will be offering for sale in the spring of 2014. So if you’re searching for a great horse anytime soon remember to check in with us first. I have more then a few awesome horses that need to find good homes.

Meanwhile, here is a link to a short video of an incredible Dutch Warmblood gelding by the name of Pherarri that I started under saddle last winter for Bob and Betty Bauman. Pherrari has had some jumping training and is now for sale. And WOW, this is a lot of very sweet horsepower! I am not the one riding Pherrari in this video and he is not for sale with me at Riversong – and I did not make this video – I only include this link because he is such a cool horse and Bob and Betty are good friends and I wish them and this magnificent horse well.

Betty Bauman can be reached at:

war-horseIn closing, we wish happy holidays to your and yours and all the very best for a healthy, happy and prosperous new year!

Chris Irwin



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