Lecture at University of Utrecht

It was with much spirit and a desire to connect that I arrived in Holland on November 13, 2013 to give a lecture at the University of Utrecht with the Veterinaire Hippische Vereniging (Dutch Veterinary Equine Association) I was asked

Investing in Horse Sense

Accomplishments in equine personal development amidst the beauty and serenity of nature is what this video is intended to impart. We invite you to explore the growing success of the EAPD programs in this informative vignette featuring scenes at Riversong Ranch.

Keynote Speech at Mount Vernon Conference 2011

The 32nd Annual Mt. Vernon Conference kicked off Thursday morning with an enlightening oratory from keynote speaker Chris Irwin.

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The presentation by Chris Irwin was exceptional. His insight with horses as metaphor for the teacher and student relationship was outstanding!
Mt. Vernon Annual Teachers ConferenceWashington, USA
Irwin is the evolution of the Natural Horsemanship
One of the best! An evening presentation with a golden edge!
Member of Societeit De WitteThe Hague, the Netherlands
Chris Irwin and EAPD – Wow! This is terrific! He is very engaging and his mastery of his profession is astounding. I very much enjoyed this session and everyone I have spoken to has been amazed by what we can learn from it.
Participant at Leadership Conference with Canadian Federal Government